Saturday, 15 October 2011

You strip me from my freedom

You strip me from my freedom,I admit I've did some wrongs.But why are you trying to keep me,away from home for way to long? If I accentuate my culture,you misjudge me for being in a gang! But you are a part of a "union" an "institution" that's all the same.I maintain a positive mind frame,but in your brain I'm still the same.Just because you are stagnated in your growth,doesn't mean that I cant change.

How dare you define your morality,by the position you hold over me. Looking down at me with a frown,but seriously you're worse than me.I've committed crimes to get me here,but now I digress from such behaviors.On the other hand,you back hand your children and noisy neighbor’s.On a drunken tantrum,you mentally destroy whomever they want to be.By callin them fat,cunt,ugly,or stupid!You have no right to keep on judging me.

After 400 years,we are still in the same boat,no buses are used to transport.Teenager's ranging from 12-thru-18,giving death sentences,in a all white mans court.Sent to prison,the new plantation,to work for meaningless wages.All while keeping us locked down in cell's smaller than little dog cages.The department of corrections,no let me correct you.There is no correction in prison.More like the death of connections or destitute of colored men.How about the destruction of our children.

I admit there are men who still belong in prison.Because they fail to realize the prison within them.But there are some whom you locked up as kids,we have long since recompensed for the things that we've did. Society if you hear me,please don't be ignorant to the facts,that concealed behind these prison walls are many people who want to give back...


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