Monday, 10 October 2011

James Prindle 15
James Prindle was babysitting his little stepsister along with two friends — 12-year-old Micah Scheulin and his brother Noah Scheulin, 14 — at his Memphis apartment. He told police that a masked robber broke into the apartment to steal his video game console…

But before the bad guy left, he also beat Prindle’s 23-month-stepsister on the head and raped her.

Police, however, became immediately suspicious of the story. Noah Scheulin said the robber was white. Pindle said he was black. There was no sign of forced entry, and it appears that someone gave the little girl a bath before police arrived to get rid of evidence, which is normally not a robberly thing to do.

There were also signs that the boys are congenital shitbags. At age 14, Noah had already racked up charges for auto theft, assault, vandalism and disorderly conduct. 12-Year-old Micah has previous charges for assault and possession.

There were further indications that the girl had been held down while she was raped. She suffered serious head trauma and was released after spending a week in the hospital.

Now Prindle, who has no previous record, is being tried as an adult for rape, child abuse, and false reporting. Noah is being charged with facilitation of rape and child abuse. Due to a lack of evidence, all charges against Micah have been dropped.

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