Thursday, 25 August 2016

Locked Up In A Philippine Jail Cell

Scott was detained in the Muntinlupa City jail in metropolitan Manila for 5 long years. Again I repeat he was simply detained. No trial was ever held.

Scott's ordeal began after he had words with a neighbor whom he accused of traumatizing one of his children. Scott then filed legal papers against the neighbor. 
In retaliation against Scott, the neighbor filed legal papers against Scott and accused him of rape. The PNP(Philippine National Police) arrested Scott immediately and detained him.

McMahon, who has two children with his Filipino fiancee, had been detained since April 7, 2011. Scott holds the dubious distinction of the foreign national who has been held the longest in detention with no formal trial or hearing.

Scott's mother Shelley Campanella, began a social media campaign to free her son. Websites demanding his release and requesting donations for legal help sprung up. Facebook, and other media formats were used as well.

Shelley hired lawyers and also appealed to the united Nations but to no avail.

Miraculously, On August 2, 2016 a judge reviewed evidence in the case and the evidence was flimsy and orders Scott to be released.

I review the conditions of a Philippine Jail and encourage viewers on how to relate with Filipinos regarding disputes.

When a Filipino or Filipina has been shamed and lost face, they will go to any length to retaliate.

Briefly, about Me...

I have visited the Philippines since 2010, And in 2015, I finally had the opportunity to live in a beautiful place with wonderful, gifted and talented people.

This channel is dedicated to sharing my experiences as I now live in the Philippines. I am a Black American from Atlanta, GA USA.

I hope to be brief, yet informative.

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