Thursday, 25 August 2016

Locked Up In A Philippine Jail Cell

Scott was detained in the Muntinlupa City jail in metropolitan Manila for 5 long years. Again I repeat he was simply detained. No trial was ever held.

Scott's ordeal began after he had words with a neighbor whom he accused of traumatizing one of his children. Scott then filed legal papers against the neighbor. 
In retaliation against Scott, the neighbor filed legal papers against Scott and accused him of rape. The PNP(Philippine National Police) arrested Scott immediately and detained him.

McMahon, who has two children with his Filipino fiancee, had been detained since April 7, 2011. Scott holds the dubious distinction of the foreign national who has been held the longest in detention with no formal trial or hearing.

Scott's mother Shelley Campanella, began a social media campaign to free her son. Websites demanding his release and requesting donations for legal help sprung up. Facebook, and other media formats were used as well.

Shelley hired lawyers and also appealed to the united Nations but to no avail.

Miraculously, On August 2, 2016 a judge reviewed evidence in the case and the evidence was flimsy and orders Scott to be released.

I review the conditions of a Philippine Jail and encourage viewers on how to relate with Filipinos regarding disputes.

When a Filipino or Filipina has been shamed and lost face, they will go to any length to retaliate.

Briefly, about Me...

I have visited the Philippines since 2010, And in 2015, I finally had the opportunity to live in a beautiful place with wonderful, gifted and talented people.

This channel is dedicated to sharing my experiences as I now live in the Philippines. I am a Black American from Atlanta, GA USA.

I hope to be brief, yet informative.

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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Davontae Sanford speaks after getting out of jail

Davontae Sanford is speaking out after getting out of prison.

Prosecutor Kym Worthy stands by decision in the case of wrongfully convi...

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy says she stands by her decision in the case of Davontae Sanford, the man wrongfully convicted of murder as a teenager.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Hit Man Confession Finally Frees Teen Convicted of 4 Murders

A Judge has ordered the immediate release of Davontae Sanford, a man who falsely plead guilty to 4 murders at the age of 14. Echoing similarities of HBO’s Making a Murderer Sanford's confession was found to be coerced by authorities. It was also uncovered that perjury occurred by former Detroit Police Deputy Chief James Tolbert who falsely testified that Davontae Sanford drew a diagram of the crime scene in its entirety, including the locations of the victims bodies. When authorities reexamined the case they found hitman Vincent Smothers gave a sworn affidavit claiming he killed the four people slain in a known drug house, including the location of a murder weapon, two weeks after the crime was committed. Smothers is currently serving prison time for eight unrelated murders. Once Sanford is released on bond, all charges will be eventually dropped. An investigation into the actions of the police officers involved is currently underway. Watch as Margaret J. Howell and Nik Zecevic discuss the release of Davontae Sanford on the Lip News.

Davontae Sanford released from prison after being wrongly convicted of m...

Davontae Sanford released from prison after being wrongly convicted of murder at age 14.

Free Man After 9 Years In Prison

For nine years, Davontae Sanford has been incarcerated for the murder of four people at a Detroit drug house. He was just 14 in September 2007 when police found him in his pajamas near the crime scene, and after two days of interrogations, announced that he had confessed. But on Wednesday, Sanford is expected to walk out of prison a free man. Prosecutors acknowledge the now-23-year-old had known the truth all along: He didn't do it. Related: ACLU Fights For Juveniles Facing Life Without Parole "Justice was not done (initially), but justice was done today," state assistant public defender Valerie Newman told NBC affiliate WDIV on Tuesday, when a Wayne County judge ordered Sanford's release.

Detroit Man Falsely Imprisoned Since 2007 Released

Years after a professional hitman claimed responsibility for the killings, a Detroit man who pleaded guilty to a quadruple homicide at 14 is expected to walk free from prison on Wednesday.
Now 23, Davontae Sanford has been incarcerated since 2007 for the fatal shootings of four people at a Detroit drug den. Pointing to not just the subsequent confession by another man but also crucial flaws made by Sanford’s original lawyer, lawyers and advocates have been claiming his innocence for seven years.
The night of the murders, Sanford conversed with police officers and, according to his attorneys’ brief, was told by cops that “you better tell us what you know”. He was 14 at the time, blind in one eye and developmentally disabled.
Sanford was then transported to a police station, where he gave officers a confession that, his attorneys wrote last year, included “no accurate facts about the killings whatsoever other that the information that his interrogator already knew."
Only two weeks after Sanford was sent to prison, Vincent Smothers, a self-described hitman, confessed to Detroit police investigators that he orchestrated and committed the murders.