Thursday, 27 October 2011

Updates on Blade Reed and James Prindle

by Steve Sydebotham
I received phone calls yesterday from both Blade and James. They were special conversations, that got my tears flowing at the end of each. The conversation with James started, as he was giddy that he got a letter from someone in Australia, and was ROTFL at the difference in the words and especially the use of "bloke" and "shackles." He then asked me if the person who wrote him, had contributed to his attorney fund, and I told him yes. He was silent for about ten seconds and then said, "I'm not alone in this". I think it hit James then, just how much of a team effort this has been. How many people from diverse sections of the globe who have chipped in to help.  He asked me then where people have contributed from, and I told him from Australia, the U.K., Canada, Germany and here in the U.S. He started to cry, and asked if when he gets out, that I would help him write Thank You notes to everyone. There aren't many kids out there, who would take the initiative to say that. That is another example of how special James is. I knew it was the right thing to do, when I got involved in his case.

 Blade has recently been moved to another cell, and he doesn't like his new roommate. The prison always seems to know the worst possible time to start messing with Blade and get a rise out of him. He received a letter from Germany and was asking me too if that individual had contributed to his Writ. I told him yes. He to, like James, is realizing just how many people have chipped in from all over the globe to help him with expenses, and get his case back into a court room. He is grateful for all the letters he has received, and for everyone who has helped. We still have a long way to go but we have come a long way.  

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