Saturday, 15 October 2011

angel in the red dress

I swear there was an angel jumping on my bed, but instead of wearing white, her dress was scarlet red.

She can be rather naughty, and I think you will see, that whenever somethings broken, It was her I swear not me!

She also has a halo, but it must be kind of worn, why else would it be held on by those two red pointy horns?

I swear I'm telling you the truth, about this angel dressed in red, I would never jump and mess around upon my little bed.

I always do as I am told, as any good girl should, and I'd catch this angel for you, if you really think I should.

I thought all angels wore just white, and never dress in red, but this one's got her play suit on, at least thats what she said.

She's always asking me to play, to run, and dance and shout, it's her who throws my clothes around and leaves my toys about.

I tell you I am innocent I never made that mess, it was that little angel in the scarlet Red dress.

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