Thursday, 13 October 2011

Emmet Till - Life for a Life

Thousands of children within the US are waived and held to an adult standard, Incarcerated and sent to adult prisons, enviroments ill equipped to deal with the most vulnerable sector of mankind, and still they fill the court rooms and inevitably the prison cells of Pentitentaries across the US.
Are we to believe such an advanced Nation, such a leader of Nations finds no alternative for it's own children than to discard them with life sentences on a daily basis?

Within the Us, there are thousands upon thousands of willing yet unorganised soldiers, much as the communities of disaoganised yet angered civilians of the Civil rights movement, until a voice touched their very souls and cried freedom.
Emmet Till was the victim of the most brutal and inhumnae cruelty ever inflicted upon another human being, his name, his memory burning inside the heart of every Just and compassionate soul alive, and still from beyond the grave must we call upon him to fight once more? Must we seek his innocence and strength to combat the new hatred and oppressive force that grips our children?
Today our fight is Juvenile Justice, I find it incomprehensable that any child is beyond rehabilitation, but this is exactly what the US legislative bodies would have you believe.
Of cause if a child is charged with a serious offence then they must be held accountable, but why does that accountability deny them rehabilitation?
If you are sentencing a child to life without parole then are you saying they are beyond all reasonable and appropriate means to reach them? Something I refuse to accept.
So I ask you to look upon the face of Emmet Till and his mother and ask yourself is this what he died for?
The same look upon thousands upon thousands of mothers faces across the US, there children may not be dead but they are just as lost in a society that like Emmet tries to hide the truth of Juvenile Injustice, I hope the Supreme Courts corrects this damage long before a hearing granting Pardons decades later as in the case of Emmet Till.

S. Clarence

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