Monday, 24 October 2011

I want all the youths in the world to know that serving time in a prison from 16- death is not worth anything.

I am  Nate Jones.
I want to tell all you kids about hard life! I am serving a life sentence for beating and murdering a 12 year old boy when I was under the influence of alcohol.
I am serving time at Rikers Island. it is the biggest prison in the world. I spend 23 hours a day in my cell. I am in what they call the "bing" where inmates go after making more trouble at the prison. the only time I come out of my cell if for a 4 minute shower and for recreation time. recreation time for me is getting to literally be in a 12X15 cage.
What I did was not worth any of this. this child's family is devastated as well am I. They have been put through so much horror that NO ONE deserves. He had a life ahead of him and I stole it. I want all the youths in the world to know that serving time in a prison from 16-death is not worth anything. there is no reason to take a life or endanger the life of anyone. it is not fair to only care about yourself and not give a hoot for anyone else.

as if the guilt was not enough think about prison....your lonely your dirty your hungry your in wake up in the morning you find another inmates shit  on your leg because somebody thought it would be funny to wake you up by throwing their fecies on you. one thing about prison is never being safe....I don't care if you are beaten at home and beaten at school the point is that there is always a safe place in the real world. but prison is different. you can never get away from bad things. there is no safe place in prison!! I was stabbed in my last 3 months as an inmate. I almost bled to death before experiencing ANY medical help at all. you are constantly in pain , physically and emotionally and there is no getting around it. I couldn't get paid 3 billion dollars to go in a prison cell for 30 seconds after my experience. imagine starting your life at age 47. it sucks! I did it to myself and I don't want any body to make the same stupid move that I did.One of the times I was raped I got no help afterwards. a fellow inmate came up to me in the shower and told me to suck his penis and when I said no he punched me in the gut and made me get down on my knees and give him oral sex. it was very degrading and when I told the proper authorities at the prison they told me not to be a tattle tale. and then it got back to the inmate that I told and he stabbed me and said if I make eye contact with him again he would kill me the first chance he got. it was so scary getting a death threat by someone who was really serious about it. I am going to die soon and there is no way getting around it. I don't think I'll ever see the light of day again. I will die in prison and I am sure of it.

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