Thursday, 13 October 2011

Broken Justice - The Dallas 6

I surface in search of fiery hearts, humble souls and attractive minds from all walks of life-- armed with the confidence that under social status, credentials, and economic condition lies a human being with real human struggles, plans and talents..... much of my life I felt unworthy due to an upbringing of deprivation and neglect but learned that we are all worthy simply because we're human and that opportunities abound amongst us if we only trust and believe in ourselves.

I fully embrace my obligation to the community and especially our youth as an example of Virtue, Inspiration, and Responsibility. I entered prison as a 15 year old caterpillar essentially illiterate and without value for life but will spring free a full butterfly with a high-school diploma, paralegals degree and a love for the simple things in life, like, hugs, blue sky's and free ocean waters.

I continue my strive for growth and development but am currently under attack by Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Officials. Oppressing and retailing against me because retailing against me because I was rewarded $185,000 for proving they conspired to violate my constitutional rights and punish me for being a voice for the voiceless in this concrete jungle. Abuse comes in the form of denying me food, showers, outside exercise, assaults and false accusations to keep me in solitary confinement and simply because prisoners have no outside voice or social standing in society.

But what happened to "Justice For All" and "Equal Protection" under the laws? You don't have to have power or credentials to help, all you have to be is human.

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