Wednesday, 1 February 2012

"Free Davontae Sanford, No Justice No Peace"!

Walyer Savage Landor once said "Delay of justice is injustice" his words could of been created and inspired by the Davontae Sanford case, yet this was a statement made long before Davontae was even born. When you acknowledge the awareness and the wisdom of ancestors in seeking Justice, then we must all recognize our failings.
Yet amongst us walk true advocates, people who tirelessly campaign and fight for the rights of others, whose voices scream for Justice in the most dark and cold places on earth, and where on earth does the chill of desperation cry most fiercely and yet unheard? in the Court rooms of Juvenile defendants across the USA on a daily basis.
Davontae may just be one of the very fortunate of the forgotten children, he may be the one who makes it home under the shield of Justice's armor.
Advocates for Abandoned Adolescents and the One child at a time Campaign Scotty Reid Nancy Lockhart Sana Quijada Rose Glenn Knightgale Ann Wright Diamond Kimyon Zari Reletter Johnson-Orr Blacktalkradionetwork & many more supported and backed the fight of Davontae Sanford for many years, Our very own Darcy Delaproser was a the major influence and backbone of the awareness generated to tell Davontae's story to the world.
Endless petitions that went poorly undersigned, requests for letters/cards that were acknowledged seldomly responded to rarely, yet undiscouraged and believing in the rights of a child the war was fought with strength and truth.
Today we are on the verge of witnessing Justice take place, I for one will remember that day as some remember the Death of John Lennon, or other iconic figures, time altering moments, and as we continue to the nearing finish line we say "Free Davontae Sanford, No Justice No Peace"!!

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