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by Georgia PaulBot
If you care about liberty, if the US Constitution means anything at all to you - then stand up for this boy's right to be heard in court: Jordan Brown has been held WITHOUT TRIAL for 3 YEARS (he is now 14 years old). Three years ago Jordan was arrested and charged with the murder of his father's pregnant fiancee and the baby she carried-- Jordan has steadfastly maintained his innocence! 

PLEASE, please, join the FB group "SAVE JORDAN BROWN". Nothing is required of you but to BE COUNTED, more numbers means more attention for his case, and more attention means HOPE for Jordan Brown to see true justice done. Thank you. 

Jordan was to finally have a hearing/trial in Sept 2011, after his case had been moved from the adult system to the juvenile system (August 2011), but days before this long overdue hearing was to take place, three local Pennsylvania newspapers sued for the right to have his juvenile case OPEN TO THE MEDIA (arguing, basically, that since they have already destroyed his right to privacy, he no longer has the right to privacy normally accorded juvenile cases). This action immediately halted the proceedings until a decision can be reached.

While attorneys for these three newspapers battle this out in the courts (possibly another 6 months before a resolution is reached), Jordan Brown's rights are all but forgotten!

Meanwhile, Jordan's grandmother and his dad are forced to travel in excess of 100 miles a day, in a vehicle quickly wearing out, to visit with Jordan in order to maintain some sanity and consistency in his young life while this nightmare continues. 

At the very least, Jordan should be released to his dad's custody WHILE the newspapers' litigation is ongoing. This boy is no threat to anyone, as a matter of fact Jordan called Kenzie (the murder victim) "mom" even though she and his dad were not yet married, he never threatened to kill her, as her ex-boyfriend did, repeatedly, and Jordan had only recently found out that the Easter Bunny was not in fact real. 

When I think of the innocence the state has stolen from this child...

As opposed to this child who has now been incarcerated for 3 years without an opportunity to put on a defense, while maintaining his innocence... take a quick look at the piece of work who was Kenzie's ex-boyfriend, the guy who threatened to kill her on several occasions, "or have someone else do it", Adam Harvey (link to PFAs Kenzie Houk took out on him, to follow)-- 
These are public records; a recording of the facts, maintained by the county, state. These incidents were investigated, and recorded by law enforcement officers.These incidents do not prove any involvement in the murder of Kenzie Houk and her unborn child but they do raise serious questions.

Protection from Abuse: Thursday May 26, 2006 Filed by Kenzie Houk on advice of law enforcement. Take note of Kenzie Houk's words in points #17, 18, and 19.

Protection from Abuse: Sunday Feb 3, 2008. Filed by: Kenzie Houk, on advice of law enforcement. Kenzie Houk's words in points #17, 18*, 19, and a request by Kenzie Houk for additional protection for her family members, named @ #23(e).[*point #18 references prior incident in NC which resulted in her abuser being jailed, following which Ms. Houk left NC and returned home to PA].

Approx. 1 week prior to the murders of Feb. 20, 2009, Adam Harvey discovered that he was NOT the father of Kenzie's (at the time) 4 yo daughter, even though she had taken him to court for, and he had been paying, child support. 

On the morning of the murders, the state asserts that Jordan calmly killed Kenzie, then got on the school bus with her 7 yo daughter like nothing had happened. When Jordan and 7 yo Janessa were questioned later that morning by police (at the school, and without his dad's knowledge or permission), Janessa said that she had not heard/seen anything unusual that morning, and Jordan (11 yo at the time) said that the only thing he had noticed that was different was a black truck, parked near the house/property, when he and Janessa were getting on the bus. Adam Harvey drove a black truck.

Janessa was questioned again and gave the same response: she had not seen or heard anything unusual the morning her mother was killed, however after time spent with her grandparents -- who were grieving the loss of their daughter (Kenzie Houk)-- Janessa's recollection changed dramatically: during the next questioning by law enforcement, Janessa offered that she'd heard a loud bang, that she's seen Jordan carrying something in a blanket, and that she'd seen him drop something outside, near the bushes. THIS is the sole testimony the state is relying on.

Two attorneys (Dennis Elisco, Stephen Colafella) are working Jordan's case "pro bono".

January 17, 2012
Jordan Brown Case: Attorneys seek teen’s release
Nancy Lowry

Jordan Brown, age 11, booked into an adult jail.

(If you are interested in learning more -- Google "wandervogel diary jordan brown" and "justice4juveniles jordan brown")

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  1. His father COULD have lived in Erie-as he has NO JOB or any reason to stay in New Castle if he is so devoted to his son, so the sob story about being "forced to drive 100 miles/day" is a little far fetched to anyone who gives this any thought. They also could have had this trial over much sooner were it up to the prosecution, it is the DEFENSE that has held it up for 3 years, grasping at straws to prevent the inevitable guilty sentence. Another thing-when the little girl remembered on the 3rd questioning that he had dropped something in the bushes, was there not a crucial piece of evidence exactly where she had recalled it to be? I think it is likely she didn't mention the loud noise earlier because she had asked her "trusted brother" about it at the time and he said it wasn't anything. As a 7 yr old child, this reassurance from a respected older "sibling" was trusted 100%, so to her, it was "nothing" as she had been told. Can't wait until the trial for the truth to come out , Jordan to get a little "prison justice" in the juv. facility he will be going to, and all of you senseless fools to shut up!!