Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Ask Florida Gov. Rick Scott to stop the shackling of Cristian Fernandez!

By Save Cristian Fernandez, Stuart Faulks Gloria Fernandez Lili K Lerma
Write to Florida Governor Rick Scott and ask him to stop the indiscriminate shackling of 13 year old Cristian Fernandez who faces life without parole if convicted when his case goes to trial in the accidental death of his brother.

Though the state of Florida has stopped minors in the juvenile justice system from being shackled without sufficient cause, juveniles in the adult system are not afforded the same protection. Write to Governor Rick Scott and ask him to tell those responsible for shackling Cristian that this practice is degrading, humiliating, and morally reprehensible.
It needs to stop!

You may write to the governor using this form (If you are not in Florida...put in Jacksonville zip code 32202, County=Duval) :

Please encourage others to do the same by inviting them to join this event or by writing them and asking them to contact the governor.

Also please take a moment and sign the following petitions regarding this very issue:



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