Saturday, 4 February 2012

Gov. Rick Perry and President of the US: Pardon Shaina Sepulvado who received LWOP at 16

 Shaina Sepulvado, who was sentenced at the age of 16 to LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE for the murder of her abusive step-father in 2007. Here are the reasons we believe Shaina needs and deserves an immediate pardon:
We are asking for a Full pardon for Shaina of the Capitol Murder Charges and conviction for the following reasons.
A) Shaina was a minor at the time of the offense at only 16 years old. There is evidence that supports she was coerced by others especially her own mother.
B) Shaina was said to have a well below average intelligence at an IQ of 73 and that factor was not taken into account at trial, plus this made her more susceptible and vulnerable to being manipulated by others, Especially in the case of a mother.
C) Contradictory expert opinions regarding her culpability and psychological functioning.
D) Lack of Physical Evidence, most was testimony of her co-defendants who were culprits in the crime itself.
E) The research shows that the longer juveniles and young adults are exposed to the adult prison system, the more likely they are to reoffend in the future. We need to remove Shaina from the system before it is too late!

For more information, and up to the date news please help support Shaina here:

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