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Blade Reed...
YOU CAN HELP Blade Reed. He has no one else but a small group of caring individuals who are asking for your help to help this child NOW.
Blade Reed is very possibly an autistic teen. He is, at the very least, severely learning disabled, dyslexic, and has the maturity level of about an 11 year old boy. He cannot write very well, nor can he read very well. He has difficulty with communication, as do most autistic children, which is expressed with frustration and sometimes anger in the autistic child. All children entering their teens and even on into their teen years experience wild emotional swings due to hormonal changes taking place at this time. Boys experience an even more difficult time than girls, because the sudden rush of testosterone they are feeling causes them to feel as if they were full of adrenaline at all times. When this is added to the autistic child's difficulty with impulse control, one should be able to see how difficult this time is for an autistic teenage boy. Blade, as a child on the spectrum, has sensory issues too, making it difficult for him to be touched by people, especially those he does not know or trust. At this point in Blade's life, he trusts just one person ... his legal guardian and the first person who stepped forward to stop the injustice and abuse against Blade Reed.
Up until he was 6 years old, Blade Reed suffered horribly from physical and sexual abuse before being removed from his home. He was then placed in foster home after foster home until, at about the age of 9 years old, he was finally adopted into what can only be termed as a somewhat "dysfunctional" family. His adoptive parents have admitted that they were "too lenient" with Blade and his older brother Bennie. They did not attend school. They were, at times, home schooled but there was no set curriculum and they were never tested by the State. In all arenas, the State of Indiana has let these children down.
A Teenage Boy's "Prank" Goes Horribly Bad ....
In the early morning hours of November 15, 2008 Blade Reed, at 13 years old, severely learning disabled and very dependent upon his older brother Bennie, was made to leave his bed by his older brother, who is 4 years his senior. They rode their bikes to a home where Bennie, unbeknownst to Blade as he waited outside the house, stole a gun. They then proceeded to another home, where an older couple lived, because Bennie wanted to "try and get some beer". Blade, again, remained outside ... away from Bennie. Bennie pointed the stolen gun at the man who opened the door saying, "no one has to get hurt" but then panicked when the man himself pointed his own gun at the boy. When Bennie tried to hit the gun from the man's hand, it went off, a bullet hitting Bennie in the arm. At that point, the gun in Bennie's hand went off and that bullet hit the man in the head ... killing him. Please try to picture a 17 year old, who had never really been in much trouble at all, and who had definitely made a stupid, teenage boy "trying to show off" decision when he chose to go out into the early morning like he did, who just got hit in the arm by a bullet and then saw his own gun go off - an accident - hitting a man in the head. Bennie panicked, as any 17 year old teenage boy would have done. When the man's wife came out after hearing the shots, he shot towards her, grazing her in the stomach. He went outside, gave Blade a kitchen knife (which he had brought along "just in case"), and told Blade that, because she was a witness to what "they" had done, Blade had to kill her. These "boys" ... remember ... these were not adults ... these were boys ... were both now terrified and 100% in a panic at what had happened. Blade did not want to go into the house for any reason, but he especially did not want to kill anyone! The only one who had always stayed with him and the only "family" he had since the time they both had been taken from their abusive parents, Bennie had been Blade's "surrogate parent" for as long as Blade could remember. Even though he did not want to go into that house, he did what Bennie told him to do, however; when he got in there, he could not kill the woman. He acted as if he would. He took the kitchen knife and he put it to her throat and he "sawed" back and forth. But, he did not kill her. If Blade Reed was the horrible young teen the prosecutor at his hearing made him out to be, had he wanted to kill the elderly, injured woman, she would not be alive today. But Blade did not want to kill her. He acted as if he was trying to with that kitchen knife because that is what his brother, in a total childish panic, had told him to do. Blade did not want his brother to be mad at him, or to possibly even hurt him because he disobeyed. PLEASE READ ON ... DON'T STOP NOW ...
Blade Reed was then held in detention until after he was 14 years old, a tactic used by many courts to make it so people do not see the defendant as a child. He was advised by a public defender that he should plead guilty to charges of aggravated assault. Blade was told that he would get time in a juvenile detention center until he reached 21 years of age, then he would be placed into an adult facility if he agreed to this plea instead of going to a trial. Remember, Blade Reed is severely learning disabled and probably autistic. He did not have any other adult to help him understand what he was signing or what the ramifications of his signing those papers could have been. But, on the advice of an attorney, who has now agreed he did not do all he could have for Blade, he agreed. He signed those papers. But, he didn't go to a juvenile facility as he was told he would. He was instead placed in the maximum security adult prison at Wabash, Indiana ... at the age of just 14 years old. Blade was sentenced to 30 years in this prison. He was not completely separated from adult prisoners, as many people think happens when a child is sent to adult prisons. He was among adults during recreation and eating periods. No less than 25 altercations were allocated against Blade within the first year there. Blade Reed, a child, a learning disabled and probably autistic child was attacked in an adult prison, and not just once ... not just twice. And because he did what anyone in his situation would have done, which was to try to protect himself and fight back, Blade found himself in "disciplinary solitary confinement". He has suffered broken ribs, and numerous other injuries that have had him placed into the infirmary ... sadly, it's the only place he feels "safe" now. Blade does not see the sun. Blade does not get therapy. Blade does not receive any schooling. Blade cannot receive visits or mail except from "approved" people. At the age of 14 ... for a crime committed when he was 13 years old ... a crime he had no knowledge was even going to be committed ... a crime which stemmed from an accident and the panic of two young boys ... Blade Reed has again become a victim of our society's inability to do what is right for children.
Blade Reed is now on suicide watch. He is frightened, severely depressed, and he honestly does not know why he is being treated this horribly. He knows what he did was wrong. He has repeatedly stated how sorry he is for what he did to the woman. He cannot, however, understand why he was taken from his parents because they "abused" him and yet, this prison is allowed to abuse him in the same manner and in any way they so desire. He is a child!! Please try to imagine what this child is going through right now. The noises in solitary are very loud - more so to Blade because of his autism. Sometimes, he just wants to scream. Most of the time, he just wants to die.
Blade's disabilities were never truly investigated at his hearing before the judge. His disabilities rendered him incapable of assisting his defense attorney with his defense. For this reason, Blade Reed lawfully deserves to have another day in court.
We have gained the assistance of a child advocacy pro bono attorney for Blade who is very willing to file all the necessary court papers to see that Blade gets a new hearing so that he can receive the rehabilitation and treatment he needs. Blade needs to be in a juvenile facility where he can get schooling, counseling, and therapy to help him cope with his autism and learning disabilities, as well as the trauma he has now suffered during his incarceration in an adult prison. But, before we can even file for the hearing, we must secure an outside neuropsychological exam to verify that Blade Reed was not and continues to not be capable of assisting with his own defense. This is where YOU CAN HELP.
This exam is going to cost anywhere from $2600.00 to $4000.00. It is an approximately nine hour long examination and it is very extensive. The neuropsychologist is the best qualified to be able to determine a correct diagnosis for Blade's mental disabilities. We have a qualified neuropsychologist willing to travel to Wabash in order to do the needed examinations. The costs stated above are VERY reasonable for what will be done.
We ask that you find it in your heart to put aside the crime this boy committed to realize that this boy is indeed a BOY. A disabled, more than likely autistic, BOY. HE DOES NOT BELONG IN AN ADULT PRISON!!
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