Saturday, 16 July 2011

An Update on Blade Reed..

by Steve Sydebotham 
I am working on getting the Writ of Habeas Corpus written, so we can get Blade back into court. That will take a little time, as, even at a reduced rate, the attorneys/paralegals writing it, will be spending many hours going over all of Blade's court transcripts (from juvenile and adult court), then writing the strongest worded document possible. So, I have to start raising funds again. I used to worry about funds being raised, but, I've realized that it's in Gods hands, and it will happen, it will just take time. I get frustrated when things don't go right, but I've come to terms with that, as were on God's timetable, not mine .

The guards have been pushing Blade's buttons again, trying to get a rise out of him, plus some of the other inmates have been doing the same too. He got into a verbal altercation with a guard a few days ago, plus was in a fight with another inmate after the other kid made a sexual reference, which upset Blade. He was placed in lockdown for 3 days, and the other kid was removed from the wing. With these things continuing to happen, that's why I get annoyed and upset, as, WVCF is not where Blade should be, and when I can't move the mountains immediately, I feel like I'm not giving him my all. I know that's not the case, but sometimes it sure feels that way.

For those of you who would like to help, please contact me via private message, or, you may send a check or M.O. made out to Blade Reed-Minor-UGMA. On the back of the document, please put for deposit only acct# 2121278267
Blade Reed Trust Fund 
C/O Ally Bank 
P.O. Box 13625
Philadelphia, PA 19101

Thanks to all of you for supporting Blade, and giving him HOPE! 

Blade Reed-Now I lay me down to sleep.

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