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Joshua David Weir

To Whom It May Concern:
The following is to the best of my recollection of details surrounding :
Paige Mokry (Habitual Runaway)
 Linda Mokry (Paige's mother)
Jennifer Rounds(mothers "best" friend)
Linda Mokry(Paternal Grandmother)
Keisha Graves( Woman who admitted & was allowing several runaways stay with her including Paige & Josh)
Miesha               (Woman who admitted & took Paige from her mothers apt, because Paige's mother was abusive to her)
Joshua Weir (Paige's Boyfriend (at the time) accused of harboring  Paige & later on to be charged with sexual assault of a child)
Debra Brown (Joshua's mother)
Shawn Brown (Joshua's Stepfather)
Nicholl (Nikki)Weir (Joshua's Sister)
Mark Weir (Joshua's Oldest Brother)
Matthew Weir(Joshua's Older Brother)
Cecil James (Nichol's Boyfriend)
Williamson County Sheriffs
Round Rock Officer DeVincent
At this time I cannot recall exact dates and times, I will come as close as possible.
My name is Debra Brown B.Msc. I have worked in the health field for 25 years. I am currently working on my Master's Degree in Divinity, where upon completion I will be an Ordained Reverend , a Spiritual Counselor,  and  be an intervention for those who "get lost" on their journey.
I do not recall the date but I received a phone call from Jennifer Rounds, she told me that her best friend's (Linda Mokry) daughter (Paige Mokry) was dating my son Josh and Paige had run away  AGAIN. Jennifer told me that Linda Mokry was not stable within her mind and that she did not want Paige but did not want anyone else to have her either. There was a long history of  behavior challenges and such between Paige and her mother, painting a very ugly picture of Linda & Paige's relationship. Also that Paige was on depression medications and such, that her mother had put her in Shoal Creek?? I do not know what/where that is. Was there anything I could do to help find Paige, that Paige's mother was not even looking for her? I told her I would try to get a hold of Josh and see what info. he knew .
I had sent a messages to those phone numbers that Josh had called me from asking for Josh to call me, that I hadn't heard from him in a couple days and became concerned. Josh called me and said he was fine but by his voice I knew he was not. In talking with Josh I managed to find out he hadn't eaten in a couple days and was trying to figure out how to best help his friend who was being abused by her "crazy" mother. I told him we would bring him food & drink to him ,just tell me where you are, he told me  he was in Georgetown and a friend was helping him fix a car.
My husband and I  then proceeded to drive with food and drink to Georgetown and saw Josh walking with two people. I believe the young mans name was Austin and the young lady's name was Paige. I let them know once inside the car that  Paige had a choice, either she tells me where she lives and I take her home or I was going to call 911 and have the police take her home. Josh thought he was going to "protect" her from her crazy mother and said can we drop her at her "Aunties" house aka Jennifer Rounds, I said that was fine as long as she was not out on the street. So we took her to Jennifer Rounds house(she lives off of Gattis School Road to the right near a park, I do not know the address, it’s a turn or two before Redbud  ) We ALL go into the house I let Jennifer know that I do NOT approve of the kids relationship ,especially when there are "crazy, unstable parents involved  who like my son one minute then the next do not! Jennifer said they're only 3 years apart and that that cannot help who they fall in love with ,that love doesn't have limits, basically condoning the relationship . Linda Mokry the grandmother shows up and starts slandering Josh and threatening to kill him if he "don’t stay away from Paige", I let her know that her comments were inappropriate and Josh wasn’t the one running away constantly it was Paige and if the girl had something positive in her life maybe she wouldn’t run constantly. Making threats to my son was a scapegoat to cover the real issues going on. 
I looked at Josh and told him, these people are CRAZY, you cannot help everyone who crosses your path ,some people need way more help than what you can give! I wanted him to stay away from this girl. After about 2 hours "Miss Jennifer" took the two kids outside and was supposed to tell them they had to stop seeing each other, claims that she did and both Jennifer & Paige's Grandmother asked if we would NOT mention any of this to Paige's mother ,because they were trying to convince Linda to give Paige to her  Paternal Grandparents because Linda the mother was to unstable to have her and would never give her up if she knew they were in on it! At that time I did not know anything about Paige's mother ,other than all the demented things I was told about her from the "best friend " Jennifer & the Paternal Grandma Linda Mokry. I did not have a problem with it as long as Paige wasn’t on the street. When Paige had run that time she was staying with friends here and there, I cannot remember names, but they were people her mother knew.
Paige would not stop contacting Josh, she even showed up on my doorstep looking for him and my brother told her Josh wasn’t at home. Paige had runaway again! Josh had been staying with some kids in Rockdale, again names escape me. I asked him if Paige was with him he said no she did come  for the day but that she was not with him daily. I  called Paige's mother to let her know I was aware of the situation and that I would do what I could to help her find her daughter, she told me her whole life story about Paige's father being abusive and into alcohol and drugs that’s why they weren't together anymore and why she didn’t allow Paige to see him. Paige was mentally unstable, her best friend was killed on her  birthday a year ago , she is on anti-depressant drugs, she frequently talked of suicide, she was seeing counselors, mentioned Shoal Creek, she don’t know what to do with her and the story went on. I Prayed with her and told her to see a positive end result for Paige and herself. Use some "Law of Attraction" methods in the situation and most of all Believe & Trust in God , our Divine Creator ! I let her know that Paige had Josh convinced that she was extremely abusive to Paige and that Paige's father had molested her  and she "needed Josh to keep her safe" or she was going to kill herself!  THAT is WHY Josh felt so compelled to "help save" Paige. Josh would run with Paige just to make sure she was safe ,she wouldn’t stop running.
On June 25th, My family and I fearing Josh's well-being went looking for the lady who WAS harboring Paige (as well as others)
06/25/2010  MDS /OFFICE DEPOT #2089 , ROUND ROCK CASH PURCHASE  ($9.00)
My daughter and I went to Office Depot and Missing Persons Flyers made up, I paid for half and my daughter paid for the other half and Office Depot donated 100 copies of the flyer. We (Myself, Shawn Brown, Nikki Weir, Mark Weir, Matthew Weirs  & Cecil James) scoured the entire area on foot for the entire day, we handed flyers to everyone we passed on the street. We were at the park when two young girls passed us and we handed flyers to them. Shortly after that I received a call from Josh asking why I was passing out flyers with him & Paige on it and I told him I was making sure he didn’t get blamed for this Girl running away again, I wanted her away from him and I will do whatever I have to do to see to it! So we knew it was the two teenage girls who knew where Paige was staying. We continued to pass out flyers and this female was walking by my daughter and tried to blow my daughter off so my daughter said oh so you want me to call the cops and you can tell them what you know about these kids? The female got scared by the threat of the police and started talking. She told my daughter that she had seen the male they called him JD( short for Joshua David) but the female had just showed up recently and that they(everyone in the house) don’t come outside during the day only at night. So my daughter said try to get them to the park, so she did but they weren't biting on it I'm sure because they knew we  were there!  So ,this female told us that she would give us the address she took my daughters cell number and walked to where all these people were staying. She text the address to  my daughter and then told her they were all there right now. We all walked to the house ,there was a young male walking up to the house and my sons ran up and started questioning him, he knew who was there.  I had walked to find my husband and when we got back to the house Keisha had told my daughter that yes she had let them stay there but that they were gone now and there was another female there who admitted to taking Paige from her mothers  apt. her name was Miesha, I have pictures of both Keisha w/address and Miesha w/ her plate number. After words were exchanged and Miesha & Keisha made it clear they did what they had to do to keep Paige away from her psycho mother ,I called 911 from my cell phone and reported them as harboring runaways , there was more than just Paige being harbored there, I know this because there was another girl whom we told could NOT stay at my house finding out she was a runaway and that we would get help for her but she couldn’t stay at our home. She left my house with her friends mother .
Wilco came and left said there was nothing they could do, that they checked her home and that  no one was inside the home, I told them there was another runaway who  just walked out right in front of us and was walking through the apt. complex I gave a description of her and everything . They told us that nothing could be done if there was no one there, I said even if she openly admitted that she has been housing her? they said yes! I said that’s CRAP!!  How convenient it was 30 minutes before shift change??? They kindly took one of our flyers and said they would pass on the info to the next shift!
Nikki texted the female back who had been giving us all the info and  this girl told her that they split, Josh was on his way to NY and Paige was on her way to a friends house in Ft. Worth. Following her MySpace page I was able to see that Josh WAS NOT with Paige during her little "walkabout" around Texas, as I am sure she wouldn’t be letting some "random guy pissed on my foot" and nor would she have been "missing her boo"!
Paige continues to run even with Josh out of state, She told her mother she would come home but never did. She went right back to those people in Austin who harbored her (and others) before. Josh comes back to Houston is working for a roofing company and  breaks his hand, gets sent "home" to Austin(sharing a hotel room with co-workers) until he can work again and gets arrested for harboring Paige ,Paige  and the others in the car are free to go ???  Josh gets out of jail and  goes  back to Austin(hotel room with co worker), loses his job because he got arrested ,has another interview lined up in San Marcos, goes to that  to come home (hotel room ) ,go over to his friends  hotel room only to find that Paige is in there and  before Josh knows what's going on the cops bust in the door and  again Josh goes to jail for harboring her !!! AGAIN Paige and the others go smelling like a rose. Josh sits in jail for a few days while I come up with the money to get him out. Paige's mother takes her to some place up near   Ft.Worth and Paige waits for her mother and her mothers "friend" to go to bed and STEALS her moms credit card and car and  runs away again back to Austin!! This is on a Thursday night, Josh was still in jail, I was told by Detective Todd Forester that she had run again ,so what do I do ,I swallow my personal feelings about the situation  and return Paige's mothers phone call. I don’t tell her that Josh is still locked up because of her daughter, I  do what I thought was Spiritually needed and I listen to her and I console her AGAIN only for her to turn around and send me a text saying it was Josh that was responsible for taking Paige (ha-ha),I text her back and tell her "Linda, IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, JOSH IS STILL SITTING IN JAIL, THERE IS NO WAY  YOU CAN ACCUSE HIM OF THIS" Its time YOU & Your daughter take responsibility for your actions and STOP blaming others ! She never replied!
 At this point I'm really having a hard time being supportive of this woman  and her lack of responsibility for her actions/words and her daughters as well.  Paige left all kinds of comments on her MySpace & facebook ,which I tried daily to send in an email for the sole purpose of helping my son prove the only thing he's guilty of is having serious feelings for this this young lady &trying to save this girl from her "perverted" father and her "unstable, crazy " mother! Sad as it is to say  using the "What Would Jesus Do" method has gotten Josh into nothing but trouble and I can say the same for myself, I AM very careful who I help and the circumstances surrounding those I help.
Next thing I know I'm getting a call from Joshua's friend ,telling me that Josh was arrested in Eastland County on a POM charge and his bail was $5000.00.  I waited until the next day to see what was going on. Joshua calls me  and says  they’ve added a NEW charge of sexual assault of a child and his bail was $50,000.00 (now $100,000.00)!  How is it LEGAL for  ANY law enforcement to trump up charges like that? Completely unacceptable behavior from someone who  took an oath to Protect & Serve....isn't there HONESTY somewhere in there??  So now Josh is going to sit there as I was trying to come up with the money to make bail.
I get a phone call from Josh and he is  spitting blood and crying, he was violently  jumped and beaten and amazingly there were no guards around ???? Josh lets it be known he wants charges pressed upon the two inmates who did this to him and they  REFUSE MEDICAL TREATMENT to Josh. I call my mother and tell her what happened ,she wires my older son  the money to get Josh out of  Eastland County Jail. My older son calls a bail bonds man, I cant recall his name and sets up for him to get Josh released. The bondsman tells my son "PLEASE DO NOT COME HERE TO GET HIM, I WILL MEET YOU IN COMANCHE, EASTLAND COUNTY IS  AS CROOKED AS THEY COME ,THEY WILL NOT LET YOU OUT OF TOWN WITHOUT TROUBLE, LET ME BRING HIM TO YOU. "So my oldest son and I drive from Round Rock to Comanche and wait at a convenience store for them to bring Josh to us. They show up about 3am, we get Josh and head back to Round Rock. My oldest son takes Joshua to the Emergency Room  for injuries sustained when  he was beaten in Eastland Co. Jail. After examination/x-rays  Dr. tells Josh he has a nasal fracture, perforated Ear drum, concussion and bruised hips & lower back and gives Josh pain killers to take.  About a week or so later Joshua breaks out with this  raised bubbly rash, and it spreads and spreads all over him, I take him to St. David's Round Rock Medical Center, the Dr there says its from some kind of plant that grows wild and gives Josh prednisone. Josh has never taken this before but Dr assures its safe to take. Josh takes the first pill and says  it makes him feel weird & makes his heart race, he gets  scared and calls the ER and tells them I was just prescribed this drug and this is how I'm feeling when I take it, they tell him those are "normal" side effects not to worry about it. Josh continues to take the drug and still complains about it making him feel really jittery and didn’t like  how it was making him feel like he had no thought processes. My husband and I leave  to run errands ,we come home and Josh is gone. He leaves me a message on my phone that he's walking to work to make sure his manager puts him on the schedule for the following week. That’s the last we hear anything from Josh .I go to his work ,his manager tells me he never made it there. No body who knows Josh ,knows where Josh is.  After days go by and still nothing from Josh ,I call my  friend Peg Sorbet who is a Psychic, she tells me ,she sees Josh laying on concrete under some type of over pass that has slanted concrete walls there  is a bridge with a traffic light. That he's surrounded by people, he don’t know them, he's lost a shoe and is covered with scratches all over his back like someone dragged him, he's hurting  & in pain and he cant get up  ,he's angry  and scared that no one will find him, he doesn’t even know where he is. We his family Pray for a miracle and still frantically call his phone and send him test messages. I don’t remember the time but I know it was close to midnight, my cell phone rings and its Josh,  he describes to us what is around him ,we tell him to look for street names as we head to Austin believing that’s where  he is ,he gives us landmarks and we're able to find him aimlessly walking .We pick him up and he tells us the last thing he remembers is he was going to walk to work and then remembers nothing but waking up to a group of homeless people under an overpass in Austin where they all lived, some homeless guy  named BOB had been "taking care of him" while Josh was unconscious ,that he said they found Josh and dragged him to their "home" under the overpass somewhere near  the 183 we know now. He was dehydrated and smelled horrible, he had many scratches on his back ,arms and legs. We took him home, he bathed and ate and fell asleep. We were very grateful to have found him and have him home. Two days later my daughter was leaving for NY with her biological father, She didn’t want to go alone so Josh went with her  and said he'd stay for a couple weeks to visit then come back to Texas for his court date. On the way to NY Josh was complaining to Nikki that his leg hurt in the groin area, she gave him Tylenol but it did not do anything for him. When Josh started running a fever and began crying from the excruciating pain  she & my mother took Josh to the Emergency room. Ultimately ,what happened to Josh was he had an allergic reaction to the Prednisone he was given by RR Hospital and was completely out of his mind. The Dr in Little Falls Hospital  had Josh come back the next day and ended up admitting Josh  because Josh has two very deadly blood infections MRSA & Pseudomonas, he  has a hole in his knee where the MRSA  infection spread to his groin lymph node. He is on IV Antibiotics for the MRSA and the Drs are searching for an antibiotic for the Pseudomonas.  Josh is in very serious condition. Spends a week in the hospital on IV Drugs to try and kill the bacteria's, and  almost a month on oral antibiotics after being released from the hospital. He has been given strict detail about what to watch for and to get medical help IMMEDIATELY if something doesn’t look or feel right. He is supposed to  have routine blood cultures done to check for the bacteria's ,which he has not had done.  Medical Papers were faxed to Eastland County so they could reschedule a court date ,we never received notice of a new court date.
On Jan 23,2011 Joshua goes down to help his brother Matthew carry groceries ,present are my daughter in law Oyuki with my two grandchildren Shylynn 3 yrs old and Matthew 23 mths, when a bounty hunter pops out with a gun to Joshs head with both babies right next to him. My older son Matthew  grabs the gun and tells the bounty hunter a few choice words. I cant give any real detail as I was not present when this happened. Just know this person who is suppose to know the law also broke the law and walked away without having to answer for his behavior. That was Jan 23 ,2011 and Josh remains still sitting in Jail without an attorney or  seeing a judge to this date April 19,2011. I know my son shares common area with members of the KKK gang members ,How well will that go over with them when they see Joshua's Dad is African American? I know my son fears for his life & I know the Deputies treat him like dirt and animals get treated better and have more rights than my son does !! SICKENING!
  Now we are dealing with his First Amendment Rights being violated! Eastland County Sheriff thinks he's above the law and doesn’t have to abide by  Constitutional Rights to inmates and disrespects Spiritual Advisors by hanging up the phone when questioned about his actions. Then Rev. Shawn Brown Calls the Jail an d questions the deputy all the deputy can say is ~Sheriffs the boss what he says is the law~ Rev. Shawn says so even though you know its breaking the law by denying him his rights its okay because the Sheriff says so?? The deputy abruptly hangs up too .THAT is not professional! With holding United States Postal Service mail, there must be some kind of Federal Law about that?? I have shared some of this information with others but not to the extent I have in this statement. I wonder is asking Joshua what are you a Wiccan Witch  any of their business?? So what if he was?? I also have confirmation from the United States Postal Service as to the date Joshua's package was delivered.  I also have the fax that Rev. Shawn Brown sent to Eastland County Sheriff .
I do believe Joshua deserves compensation for the scar on his forehead from the cop that arrested him not buckling him in and driving recklessly and also for being denied medical treatment when he was assaulted in the Eastland County jail and also for his First Amendment Rights currently being violated!!  We have started notifying all affiliated organizations of Joshua's Rights being violated  and we will continue to do so.
If there is anything else I can think of regarding this case I will add to this and let all who I send this to know .
I can have my son Matthew write a statement regarding the bounty hunter situation if it is needed.
I have numerous pages printed out from the internet it has dates & times on it  ,printed from Paige's  Facebook  or MySpace pages .If you look ,to this day Paige professes her love for my son and still has picture of them together on there. Excuse my sarcasm but if  the charges against my son were valid & true ,do you really think she would be professing her love and *Forever & For Always*  No matter What* posting pictures of him & her kissing etc.... I Believe that answer is obvious!! Paige tells my son Matthew that they( her mother & Eastland County) are trying to FORCE her to testify against Josh ,she told Matthew that when she gets on the stand she will testify for him not against him.....apparently all the threats and promises from her mother if she does testify.... don’t really mean a thing to her after all! Matthew told her its best then she not say anything because they will manipulate her words  anyway, that’s what they do and its best they didn’t discuss Joshua's case any further. I have pictures of where she was staying when Josh kept getting arrested for "harboring "her,  All charges from Williamson County were to be "adjudicated" ,I believe is what Joshua's then attorney(Kathy Holton) at that time told me, if I recall & understood correctly she said  it meant that his record would show he was charged but never  convicted.
I, Debra A Brown ,declare this statement to be true to the best of my recollection.
I am going to have this notarized making it a legal document.

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