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Humane Treatment for Blade Reed Petition

Steve Sydebotham


  This petition is created in support of age and developmentally appropriate humane treatment of 14 year old, Blade Reed, currently housed in the adult maximum security prison, Wabash Correctional Facility, (Carlisle) Indiana. In December 2009, after pleaing guilty to robbery resulting in severe bodily injury, Blade was sentenced, as an adult, to serve 30 years with violent offenders and sexual predators. It is important to note that Blade is the youngest inmate at Wabash, also almost immediately after the crime, Blade accepted responsibility and displayed extreme remorse for his actions on that fateful day and has continued to do so, ever since. As fellow United States citizens, it has come to our attention that Blade Reed has been issued to serve over an entire year in disciplinary solitary confinement after having been involved in three known altercations in the adult prison of which this child has been placed. To our knowledge, this means Blade will be expected to survive being locked in solitary confinement with no other human interaction inside a small cell for 23 hours every day for one whole year or more. Under Indiana law, each inmate forced into disciplinary solitary confinement, is released for only one hour per day of which during that hour he will need to shower and minimally exercise. It is unclear, at this point, the conditions of this child's education. Also,there is no guarantee that this one hour will be granted, each day, as a provision exists its implimentation is dependant upon the security status of the overall facility.Exasperating this child's plight is the liklihood this child suffers from undiagnosed mental disabilities. After reviewing court documentation from the court appointed psychologist's evaluation of Blade and from further consultation, it is expert opinion that Blade Reed may suffer from "Asperger's Syndrome/Autism Spectrum, and/or Bipolar Disorder" and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It was the court appointed psychologist's opinion and testimony to the court, Blade Reed "had the social skills of a 10 year old", and that "97% of kids his age, were more socially adept then he was". The psychologist also testified  "if Blade develops in an adult center (prison) he will be negatively influenced by other (older) inmates". During his evaluation it was discovered Blade had been severely abused by his biological parents through age 6 and also suffers from ADHD, but had been taken off his medications.In addition, Blade continues to suffer from depression and anger issues resulting from the traumatic (sexual, physical and mental) abuse he endured throughout his entire formative years by the ones who were responsible for shaping the character of this young child.This petition hopes to achieve these goals:1) To have Blade Reed professionally evaluated and treated for possible undiagnosed mental disablilities,2) To re-examine and overturn the assignment of one year in disciplinary solitary confinement  for a replacement of a more humane discipline for Blade Reed ,3) To re-assign Blade Reed into an age and developmentally appropriate program, whereas, he would receive much needed psychological care, education and life skills training through counseling.These changes of his living conditions are crucial for him to be capable of becoming the sane, emotionally stable, and productive member of society he will need to be upon his future release. The adult system is geared towards punishment, the juvenile system fosters rehabilitation. Please, will you help this American child not to be forgotten and left in cruel and unusual conditions?We believe in our US Constitution and in our children...our future.

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                                                                                                           Other Facts


Blade Reed, 13, faced nine criminal charges:
Murder. Attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and attempted robbery resulting in serious bodily injury, all Class A felonies.
Burglary and aggravated battery, both Class B felonies:
Battery with a deadly weapon, a Class C felony:
Two counts of theft, both Class D felonies:

Brown County Prosecutor Jim Oliver
Defense Attorney James Roberts (public defender)
Brown County Circuit Judge Judity Stewart

In November, 2009, Blade's public defender said that he would agree to a plea deal if Blade was placed in Pendleton Juvenile until 18, then be placed in the adult system.
Brown Circuit Judge Judith Stewart stated she could not agree to that as it was up to the IDOC as to where Blade would be placed, and the law does not allow that placement.
Date: December 7, 2009
At age 14, Blade pleaded guilty to aggravated battery and robbery resulting in serious injury.
Blade was sentenced to 30 years incarcerated in the ADULT maximum security prison, Wabash Correctional Facility, Carlisle, Indiana.
His brother, Bennie Reed, received a 60-year sentence for murder and aggravated assault.

Blade told his 78-year-old victim he was sorry, that he wished he had never gone to her house that night, that he would take it all back if he could.
The 13-year old had told police he didn’t want to take the woman’s life.

Blade has was not incarerated with kids close to his own age-but offenders much, much older than him.

In addition, at the time of Blade's placement at Wabash on 12/23/2009 the youngest inmate there was age 16. Currently Blade is the 3rd youngest inmate serving a sentence at Wabash. The youngest inmate serving an adult sentence in the state of Indiana is Paul Gingerich (12) (Kosciusko County) Currntly at Pendleton Juvenile.
While serving time in the juvenile wing, it is mandatory that all offenders go to school until graduation or GED has been fulfilled.
Blade was not placed in the juvenile wing and it has not been mandatory for him to attend school classes or GED classes.
Per a letter from Blade to his mentor, dated 3/16/2010,  he wrote he did "go to school occasionally", but did not elaborate.
In a letter to his mentor, dated 4/10/2010, Blade stated (at that time) he was attending class "3 times a week for an hour".

Number of attacks: 5.
After being attacked by other Much Older prisoners on three seperate occasions, resulting in severe bodily injury and requiring medical attention and lengthy stays in the prison infermary, Blade was placed in disciplinary solitary confinement for a period of 1 year.
While serving in dsc, Blade Reed is held in a small cell with no human interaction, no television, no radio, for 23 to 23 1/2 hours per day, every day dependent upon security at the prison . On some occasions, he may not be released for days. 
For the entire year in dsc, ALL priveledges are taken including: visitation from family and friends, restricted mail, little recreation, no TV or radio priveledges, also restricted commissary usage and items. Wabash staff contacted the adopted mother to state she would not be allowed to visit Blade for a period of one year due to his incarceration in dsc. He would be allowed one phone call once every two weeks." His adoptive mother notified his mentor by phone.
Most of Blade's good time from day one was TERMINATED reamending his earliest possible release of January 2029.
Blade has attempted suicide on NUMEROUS occasions, also resorted to cutting himself with any navailable sharp object. The suicide rate among youthful offenders serving in adult facilities are much greater than those serving in juvenile facilities.


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