Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Blade Reed:

Appeal From Steve Sydebotham - Juvenile Advocate of Blade Reed

During a recent examination, Blade has been verified to be Autistic, suffering from PTSD,among a host of other Developmental Disabilities.
We are in the process of securing expert witnesses for upcoming court appearances in regards to Blade. These witnesses cost money,
and we need your financial help, so that they can be secured, and give Blade the best chance of getting a reversal of his sentence.
For thoise of you who are interested in helping out, via money order and or checks,Please make them payable to:

Blade Reed - minor UGMA On the back of your check please write "for deposit only" acct# 2121278267 and mail to:

Blade Reed Trust Fund

C/O Ally Bank

P.O. Box 13625

Philadelphia, PA 19101

Every dollar raised, will go to the above porpose.

Thank You,



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