Sunday, 1 May 2011

Christopher Thrasher - seeking friendship

Christopher M. Thrasher
Holman Correctional Facility
Holman 3700
Atmore, AL  36503-3700

Nickname: "Scooby"

Age: 30
DOB: 07/03/1975
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 187
Eye Color:  Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Race: White

Offences: 1st Degree Murder
Sentence: Life

Page Listed:

Hobbies: Reading, writing poetry, exercising, playing softball, writing letters (and much more when I'm free!) I also love music! And M.L. Baseball & college football.
Dreams and/or Wishes: To gain my freedom and being reunited with my family. Furthering my education and hopefully getting a job as a social psychologist. Then I want to travel abroad!  That people would somehow begin to understand that we are all human...with feelings, dreams, hopes, etc. and stop the unnecessary hate that fills the world.
A bit about yourself you’d like the pen pals to know: I'm very open minded and am practically capable of conversing on all levels. I also have a pretty decent personality that hasn't been marred by my environment.  I hope to hear from you. I've come to learn that it isn't easy maintaining a correspondence from prison because of one reason or another. But I promise to reply to your every letter! Bye! Chris

Email Christopher Thrasher **Please note that prisoners cannot respond to e-mail via computer so if you want a response you must include your name and mailing address.**


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