Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A.A.A. - Lost Children

Imagine if you will a cave

Darkness damp and cold

Eyes that once so brightly shone

Now dead eyes, dull and old

Look further in this strange black world

See it's occupants abode

A prison cell with Iron bars

Inside a child it holds

Now look a little closer

Within this desolation state

A spirit once that had a light

Pours out bitterness and hate

In a world of poverty and lonliness

The streets don't love you back

So in defense of hungering

A child will attack

Form alliance with the enemy

The street gangs, pimps and thugs

When asked why they went that way?

The Lost child simply shrugs

How are we to understand

We are but to try to fix

Advocates for Abandoned Adolescents say

The unfair balance needs to shift 

@ Delaproser 

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