Monday, 7 March 2011

Should Teens be Tried as Adults?

Song: Locked Up-Akon

This video was made for my A.P. English Class. The topic chosen by me was whether children and teens should be tried as adults in a court of law. At first I was all for it, til I found evidence against it.
Teens are much more indecisive because of their maturing brains. They use a different part of their brain for decision making,while adults use the prefrontal cortex. Children are much more impulsive and tend to be more impulsively, not thinking long term.
I thanks the Associated Press for the two videos I incorporated into my video of the 8 year old killer.
The two images in the end are of the maturing brain, and prove that gray matter dissolves as we age. Gray matter is made up of the cell bodies of nerve cells and white matter is the "telephone wires" of the neural network. They transmit electrical signals that carry the messages between neurons.

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