Thursday, 10 March 2011

please help paul henry now

Setting up the mechanisms to facilitate help being provided to kids in crisis is always a little more complicated than I’d like.
Getting Jordan Brown’s website online was delayed by eight or nine months by his lawyers. Getting a bank account set up for Derek’s trust took three weeks for the bank to complete. Linking PayPal accounts to these kids’ bank accounts took much longer at first than it does now. I’m learning lots of things with experience, as are those with whom I’m working.

It’s been eleven days since Paul Henry Gingerich’s website went live, and finally we are now able to begin receiving gifts to support his legal and other needs. Slow and excruciating as it has been for me, this delay nevertheless represents progress.
We must become much better—not only faster—at responding to the needs of these kids. Too many children are being defended by someone’s divorce lawyer. Too many kids are being convicted in the media based only on a prosecutor’s allegations and without any information about the true background of a case. Too many kids’ lives are being ruined by the ignorance, inexperience, and negligence of adults who are supposed to be helping them. The futures of too many kids are being sacrificed to the self-interests of others.
Please take a moment now to return to Paul Henry’s website at and give our newly-activated PayPal link a workout.
Thank you!

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