Friday, 4 March 2011


Is there a Detroit media blackout in effect regarding certain aspects of the Dav...ontae Sanford case?

Davontae's court hearing scheduled for 10am tomorrow has not been mentioned by a single Detroit news source, despite it being covered by the Associated Press and several other news sources in neighboring markets.

Similarly, a request made by Davontae Sanford's lawyer this week to have Vincent Smothers given limited immunity to testify regarding Sanford's innocence has not been mentioned by even one Detroit news source. Outside of the Detroit market several news sources across the state and in neighboring states did carry the story.

Also, last year, on May 13, of 2010, Sgt. Gerald Williams testified in Wayne County Court that Vincent Smothers had told police that they had the "wrong guy" for the Runyon Street murders. Of all the news outlets in the Detroit market, only WWJ 950 AM posted the story. All others completely ignored it.

Like WWJ Radio, news outlets in neighboring markets Toledo, Flint and Lansing also chose to post the story.

One can only imagine why Detroit news outlets would choose to ignore an important hearing regarding the city's most notorious murder-for-hire case in a generation and the framing of an innocent 14 year old boy for four of those contract murders.See more
by: Seek Justice

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