Friday, 25 February 2011


Torey Adamcik has never been in any kind of trouble
when he was arrested September 27, 2006 and
charged with first degree murder and conspiracy to
commit first degree murder along with another 16 year
old boy, Brian Lee Draper (Unbenounced to Torey,
Brian had a Long history of violence). Torey went
to trial on May 31, 2007 and was found guilty June 8,
2007 on both counts. Brian's was also found guilty on
both charges, on April 17, 2007. Both teens were
sentenced together August 21, 2007.
Torey has always denied that he had anything to
do with hurting Cassie and was unaware of Brian's
intentions. Torey was play acting on the video tape,
saying things that he knew Brian wanted to hear.
The 30 minuet tape was made in the two days before
Brian killed Torey's freind, Cassie. Torey was never
part of any conversation about hurting anyone, except
on this tape Brian made. Torey said he does not even
remember what all was said on it, he was just talking
and going along with Brian. Torey said that he was
tricked. Brian told Torey, lets take out the humorous
parts and leave only the dark stuff, then he told Torey
prior to restarting the videotape to "say scary stuff". Brian
tricked Torey, that is it, nothing more. Torey is innocent.
There is no physical evidence linking Torey to
the crime. Torey deserved a fair and unbiased trial,
and as we feared a life sentence was handed down on
August 21st by this judge. Torey didn't harm Cassie in
any way, he did not know Brian was capable of such
violence and rage, and he does not deserve to be in
prison let alone life without parole. He's already
spent over 2 years locked up in isolation in adult only
jails (he's allowed out of his cell for only 1-2 hrs
per day). This is cruel treatment of a 16 year old boy
who is innocent of the charges against him.
Jury members admitted to seeing this key
evidence before Torey's trial. Torey was convicted
before he ever reached the courtroom. This videotape
is on the local news station website at:

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