Saturday, 19 February 2011

Thank you (A poem to my friends and supporters) for Andre, by Elizabeth Sessions

Thank You (A poem to my friends and supporters)

Thank you all for support.

All is appreciated, esp. for my needs in court.

The blessings of new friends from afar,

Shines so brightly in my cell like the brightest star.

It has given me light when I was in the dark.

Now I can envision me walking with my grandma in the park.

I suffer so much...

And only long for my loved ones to hug and touch.

It seemed so hopeless!

But believing and seeing all the love and unity, I see me coming out of this mess!

Thank you all again for being there,

It's so nice to feel the love and see that people really care!

~by Elizabeth Sessions, copyright 2-18-11 written for Andre Jacobs

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