Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Day one of a fact taken from the Davontae Sanford case

Day one of a fact taken from the Davontae Sanford case. Davontae was a fourteen year old mentally diminished child who went to the murder scene over on Runyon Street in Detroit as a curious onlooker. Homicide officers at the scene immediately took him into custody at the scene when Davontae inquired what was going on. They then took him INSIDE the home! Showed him where each of the bodies were found; then took him to police headquarters where an officer drew a sketch of the crime scene pinpointing the bodies' locations in the house and had Davontae initial his name next to each of the bodies. It was a perfect setup! in court the prosecutor and DPD presented the sketch as Davontaes and argued he had to be the killer because he initialed the OFFICERS sketch. Slap your face! Did you miss what I just said? I can hear the chorus of you wolves now blaming Davontae for initialing the sketch. You missed he facts however - as always. He initialed a sketch of what he saw; not what he did. Don't you find it strange for an officer to take someone to the murder scene inside the house? It's one thing to find a suspect at the scene but quite another to walk him into it. This is all a matter of public record in the appeals. Tomorrows fact issue: The bogus confession. And for those who don't know better yes there are bogus confessions-one of the issues Davontae won in appeal.

Roberto Guzman

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