Wednesday, 11 December 2013

"Kids for Cash" Official Movie Trailer

We are excited to share with you the newly released movie trailer for "Kids for Cash," featuring Juvenile Law Center's own Bob Schwartz and Marsha Levick. This critically acclaimed film will be premiering in theaters in February 2014.

The film chronicles the infamous Luzerne County, PA "kids-for-cash" case and is a powerful indictment of America's love affair with zero tolerance policies, our destructive school to prison pipeline and misuse of the juvenile justice system. The trailer provides the first public glimpse of the movie, which has been described as a gripping and emotional wake up call. We invite you to watch and share with your friends. To quote producer Robert May, "This is an eye-opening, must-see movie for anyone who has a kid, loves a kid or was a kid!"

Find out more about the Luzerne County "kids-for-cash" scandal at


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