Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Update on Blade

Update on Blade | One child at a time |
by Steve Sydebotham
On Friday, December 2nd, Blade was in an altercation with another boy, with whom he has
had trouble with in the past. This other boy threatened Blade with a Locksock, and then
lunged at him with it. Blade of course, tried to defend himself. Blade did throw some
punches, but only in self defense, and trying to protect himself from a severe beating or
potential severe injury. After the altercation was broken up, both Blade and the other boy
were written up and placed on lockdown until a hearing were to take place, deciding the
appropriate punishment for the offenses. Due to Blade's previous write-ups, there was
a strong possibility that he could have been sent to solitary confinement once again, even
though he was not the instigator of the above incident. Today I found out that he was not
going to be sent to CCU once again, but had some stringent sanctions placed upon him. If
Blade gets any more conduct related write-ups, he will be sent back to segregation, and
he would have to serve out all previous amount of time that he had been placed before and
new time. Blade had been in the CCU until April of 2011, and if had been made to spend the
total accrued time he was sent there for, he would have been in Solitary until June of
I am somewhat relieved,as he was not sent back to solitary this time but also still
concerned over Blade, as I find these sanctions unreasonable to say the least. Blade
is being held to a standard to that of a normal child, not one who is developmentally
disabled. To hold him to this standard, shows a complete lack of understanding and empathy
of Blade's emotional afflictions. Also with these sanctions, they are setting him up to
fail, not succeed.
With the prisons "No Tolerance" policies, simply raising your fists to defend yourself,
can be considered an aggressive act, and of course, subject to write ups and or other
punishments. I find that grossly unfair, and simply another way to destroy childrens lives
who were never meant to be in the prison system anyway.
We need your financial help, with Attorney's fees for Blade. Please consider a donation or
Blade Reed UGMA
P.O. Box 742
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