Monday, 18 April 2011

Advocates for Abandoned Adolescents

Advocates for Abandoned Adolescents was created to raise awareness of the irresponsible Juvenile sentencing laws. We advocate for any child sentneced under 18yrs of age, this means that many of our children are of cause adults now, we all age after all. We are a non-profit organisation, all proceeds raised would go directly to the child in who's name the donation was made, we stand by our beliefs that Juveniles have been poorly represented and often their cases go unheard or dismissed by the public at large. We stand by our beliefs to bring these children into the public eye, to shine a bright light upon their personal stories/cases and to assist each child with support in whichever area is required, as they are as individual and unique as any child in the world today. If you think you could be an Advocate of a Juvenile or are the parent/sibling/partner of a Juvenile defendant we welcome you to our cause and offer you a platform to bring much needed awareness to your fight.

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